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On this page we will make available some walks which you may wish to try.

1. Two circular walks from The Street

2. A short walk around Cold Blow.

3. A walk through the woods from Hamstreet to Ruckinge and back.

4. A walk in Denge Wood

5. A walk to Moat Farm from Shadoxhurst Village Hall

[Please note:- all information is given in good faith and was originally published on the Shadoxhurst village web site some years ago.  Any new or corrected information about these walks should be passed to us for incorporation. ]

Two circular walks from The Street

A short walk around Cold Blow

Start point (TQ9630 3515) Cold Blow T junction – Spot Lane / School Lane.

Walk on the footpath heading South West through Cole Wood, past Mount Pleasant Farm to the side lane which runs at the back of the Rare Breeds Centre – follow this lane East then take the footpath still heading East back to School Lane at Hatch. Then head North East to Spot House Farm, cross the road and North West on the by-way to the footpath which heads back South West to Cold Blow. Total round trip around 4 miles.

Hamstreet to Ruckinge Loop

When walked in mid-April to May, the woods should be full of bluebells and wood anemones – truly a delightful sight.  Parking is available at Hamstreet Village car park (TR0015 3329). There is a nice pub and a good village shop here as well as a Garden Centre with a nice café and toilets.

Left out of Hamstreet car park onto The Street. At the cross roads take the right turn onto Ruckinge Road past the Dukes Head. Take the left turn into Bourne Lane – the footpath signs for the Greensand and Saxon Shore paths indicate the way.

At the entrance to Hamstreet Woods – follow the indicated path for the Greensand Way/Saxon Shore Way. Continue to follow these signs out of the woods, follow the Saxon Shore Way north up Gill Lane and turn right past a few houses. As indicated by the Saxon Shore way markers, turn left into the driveway and then carry on past a house with a balcony on three sides, stay on the path to join the lane Ash Hill. Take the path opposite, cross two fields onto the byway between Norland Wood and Pierland Wood. Stay on this track – ignore the sign for the Saxon Shore Way which goes off to the left.

The track turns and heads south, down hill to Herne Hill on the Hamstreet Road east of Ruckinge, turn right onto this road and in about two hundred metres take the footpath on the left across from Marshside Farm, heading down to the Military Canal.

At the lane gate by the canal, turn right up the lane, cross the road at the T junction and take the footpath opposite, across from the The Blue Anchor. Keep heading north, this path runs parallel to Ash Hill for about 1km. When the path joins Ash Hill, immediately cross the road and follow the path heading west and at the footpath crossing point below Gill Farm, head south west, cross the byway back into Hamstreet Wood. When this path reaches the field at the gate, cross the field to the lane, drop down the lane to Ruckinge Road, turn right and take this as far as Cock Lane, turn left here and back to The Street and the village car park.

This walk is about 7 miles and in anything other than summer it is bound to be muddy — so be warned!

Denge Wood Loop
Start point (TR12270 55603) Car Park Thanington to Chartham Road.
From car park, head in a southerly direction along wide track, at top of hill change to footpath running alongside field edge. At road, cross to lane and head down hill, at bend take the footpath through fields.
At Garlinge Green – follow lane past farm into woods, follow woods path until it splits, take the right path.
Stick to this lane through a clearing and back into the woods as far as the edge of the wood, there take the left fork headed south again. Follow marked trail as far as Sole Street – good pub here if ready for a break!
Turn left at the cross-roads and carry on until you reach a wide track on your right, take this track as far as Garlinge Green, cross the road and keep straight on past Kenfield Hall. At the split in the road, take the right fork, cross the road and take the marked footpath through the trees up the hill. Follow the marked path to the wood edge and follow the marked path back to the carpark. 11 Miles.

Shadoxhurst Village Hall to Moat Farm Loop

When walked in early January the ground was hard but be warned, it can be a muddy walk as it passes through several fields with horses.

Parking is available at Shadoxhurst Village Hall car park. There is a nice pub in Shadoxhurst (Kings Head) and a good village shop at Stubbs Cross.

Left out of the Village Hall car park onto Hornash Lane.

Take the marked footpath on your right (alongside “Hornash”), about 150 yards from the Village Hall, carry on along this alleyway, over the stile and into the first field where you may find horses. Carry on straight over (heading south), through the gate. In this next field keep heading south, keeping the hedge close on your right, through the next field (horses) and over the stiles onto Church Road.

Turn left onto the road and carry on down to the turn to the private drive of Moat Farm. Immediately you start on this driveway you will see a stile on your left, take this stile and head diagonally across this field (horses) to the stile – heading south-west. Through the hedge, and keep heading roughly south-west until you can see Jenkeys Farm on your left.

Keep the heading until you are through the next gate and then turn south, into the next field and head for the gate opposite (south-west). This is the green lane known as Duck Lane, turn right, head along Duck Lane. Ignore the turn to your left and ignore the turn to your right. stay on this track until you meet a footpath crossing it, take the stile on your right, cross this field heading north-east, pass the pond (usually full of ducks) and keep the woods on your left for about 100 yards. The track you are on turns to your right, you take a gap in the hedge into the woods, heading is still north-east.

When you come out of the woods, turn right and find your way back to Duck Lane in about 50 yards. Turn left, carry on up to the cross-roads, straight across into The Street. At the end of the road, take the footpath and head for the diagonal corner (still on a north-east heading). Cross the bridge, over the stile and keep the hedge on your left until you come to the gateway, cross the field (horses) straight over and find the stile and alleyway which brings you out across the road from the Village Hall.

About 4 miles.