Neighbourhood Watch

Dear Neighbour,

Welcome to the Shadoxhurst group, I am the overall village co-ordinator and liaise with the Parish Council, Police and other local groups, providing information to residents, helping them protect not only themselves but also their property.

The approach adopted within the village is to communicate information as quickly and efficiently as possible using the following social media websites:-

Facebook: Shadoxhurst, A Kent Village

Facebook: Shadoxhurst Community

Nextdoor: Shadoxhurst needs to be selected (along with other villages which may be of interest to you).

In addition I provide a summary of key information and events which is included within the village Parish Newsletter.

The local Police website has information and links on Neighbourhood Watch and other activities which may be of interest to you (although there is currently no Ashford Neighbourhood Watch Association website).

The Neighbourhood Watch main website has a wealth of information within its Knowledge Base section and contains electronic versions of booklets previously available in paper form.

I do have a number of old booklets and/or window stickers – let me know it you would like any dropped off – there are a number already at the Pavilion if you attend any events there (e.g. the Forum, Coffee or History clubs).

Please feel free to contact me if you would like help or clarification on items not obvious from the information sources.

Yours Sincerely
Peter direct or message me through the Facebook site.

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Best wishes,
the Neighbourhood Watch Network